Unreal Central Perspective 070316 - Second Life

My avatar in Second life Rep Toll changed appearance a week into this course. This made me think about how we choose avatars and their appearances? Why they look in a certain way? What is the impact of changing the appearance of your avatar? Ideas for a project was to swap avatars for a time-period. Or reincarnate avatars depending on different factors in the avatars life. This was one of two ideas from where this project started.

The second idea was to do a performance that would take place in a space that exist both in SL and RL. A performance that would connect the SL-space with the RL-space. I built a replica of a room (A7) at the school of Architecture in Stockolm. In this room my avatar Rep Toll and I meet, since it’s a space we both can use in our separated worlds. This has become our interface. These meetings (or non-meetings) have resulted in three films.

For me the films talk about the identity of the spaces in a hands-on way. It’s naive, concrete and personal. Even though the space inside SL in many ways is something completely different from the real space it is almost impossible not to read it as the representation of the real space. Even when the SL-space is modified.

Rep Toll takes A7
to Second life

Rep Toll's hide and seek

Rep Toll's change of perspective