Bridge over sleeping water

A temporary structure for the modern dance theatre in Stockholm.

Pink Styrofoam                 spring 2007
Per Sundin

When crossing the bridge to Skeppsholmen three major bulildings pile up, manifesting tradition and heritage.
MDT is today placed in the shadow. If they were given a new site along the bridge, it would give them a fantastic position facing a large part of the city. Other players already working with things connected to water could take part and run the other buildings aside the actual theatre. A large portion of Stockholms identity is connected to water. To really become the Venice of Scandinavia it is time for action.

Skeppsholmen is a dead end street. There is a certain amount of resistance to crossing the bridge. There is little comercial life and the bridge becomes something that separates Skeppsholmen from the city. The proposal would give the bridge new life and make the “long walk over” become become an attraction itself as well as a stop on the way to Skeppsholmen.

The simple building (a temporary hall or a shed of some kind) could be turned into magic by creating and using atmosphere, scenography and light. A theatre building often has more in common with a discoteque or a pub than with an art gallery. When the daylight is let into the theatrespace it´s often just worn down and dirty. The magic around a theatre is not only the performance, light and scenography, It’s also expectation. The theatre building should take care of the magic it has and is given by the audience and use this air not only inside the “black box” but also in other spaces connected to this. Creating a sequence of spaces around the “black box” could be a way to spreading the magic.
Spacial sequence

Profoajé: Gathering, expectation, build-up, mumble

People waiting for a performance.Welcoming and open space. One shouldn´t hesitate to come early and hang out. Could be runned in
collaboration with another business.

Sluss: Relieving the expectation. Transition. Entering. Whisper

Moving through a space from the real world into the magic. Dark and silent. Could be combined with dressingrooms and MDT offices.

Black box: Entering magic.
Recieving. Happiness/
Disapointment. Silence.

Space for performance. A general black box that can be furnished
according to different needs. Movable bleachers and flexible solutions.

Midfoajé: Relief, leaving a room of impression. Enhanced.
Communication. Talk

A space holding on to the magic from the performance, a feeling of community. Sit, talk, eat, drink, mingle. Could be run by another player.

Postfoajé: Exit. Collecting yourself before leaving.

Space for a claokroom and
restrooms. Could be combined with practical spaces for MDT.