FOLDING SHELTER                             MADE FROM PLASTIC

Staatliche Akademie der Bildenen Künste
Tragwerkslehre III / Baukonstruktion III
Stuttgart 20060223
Prof: Stephan Engelsmann
Ass: Valerie Spalding

A prototype for an emegency shelter to be used in disaster areas where large numbers of people quickly needs a shelter and a place to sleep.
Weight and size of the shelter are important factors as the shelters have to be easy to transport and stock. Building the shelter without higher technical knowledge or the help of other forces than human strength is also important.
Inspiration for the construction and choice of material has been caravans. Using sandwich elements with glasfibre reinforced polyester. All profiles are also made
of glasfibre reinforced polyester.
The glasfibre reinforced polyester has good insulation, weight, strength, and corrosion qualities. It can manage temperature changes from -100C to +180C and has a low expansion/shrinkage percentage.

2 mm Glasfibre reinforced Polyester 120 kg
36 mm Ecoprim (extruded Polystyren (XPS) with closed cells) 52 kg
1 mm Glasfibre reinforced Polyester 105 kg 

4 mm Glasfibre reinforced Polyester 135 kg

Grill 40 kg


Weather cover:
Inflatable cover of PVC

Reinforcement wall:
2 mm Aluminium

Total: 542 kg

Sections 3 x 167 kg
Gables 3 x 44 kg